It's a necessity for us to have a linesman that will do his job in a long term. If we could find someone like that, then we can save lots of money.


1. Choose a Company That Has Positive Reviews


You can ask your relatives for some recommendations. In addition, you can consult the internet for some possible suggestions. You can also type some specific keywords to help you in your search. You can find some online sources where clients have rated their electricians and Electrical Contractor Oakville ON accordingly.


Upon finding what you're looking for, you must try to study your findings very well. Most of the reviews may be good but there's always an exception and you have to check it out as well. Observe if the main cause of the problem is from a short tempered customer. You have to read the response of the said company as well. Then, choose top three and proceed to their websites.


2. Examine the Website of the Company


a. Is it a good looking website and is it updated always?


b. Are the most vital information found right away?


c. What about promotions?


d. Do they offer proofs?


If all of these are positive, it's interview time!


3. The Query Time


What is your first impression upon seeing the interviewee? I've took some notes about what you can ask. Some may be true to you and some may not.


a. How long has he been working as an Electrician Mississauga ON?


b. You have to know the license number of his company.


c. What are the insurances?


d. How long is the warranty


e. Let him tell you about his BBC (Better Business Bureau) rate.


f. Check the rates.


g. Question him on the details and contact numbers of his previous customers.


If you think you're done, go to the next procedure. You don't have to throw away the results because you may go back to it later on.


4. Things You've Noticed


While taking down notes, you must also deal with your feelings throughout the interview process.


a. Are you satisfied about his method of answering your questions?


b. How dependable is he?


c. Does he know what he's doing?


d. How would you rate them and their company in terms of legality?


e. Are you satisfied with how they deal with their customers?


f. How would you grade the equipment to be used?


5. Read the Reviews From their customers.


Make sure to do this once you haven't since day one and make sure to check for new updates.


6. Dial the Given References to Verify


a. Ask them if the job was a total success.


b. How many times did the electrician do their job?


c. What's their attitude during a return visit?


d. Are the payments reasonable?


e. Are you still willing to work with them again?



Do not just decide on the best bid just because of the price. Household safety is the most vital part so you have to make your choices smartly.